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About Us

Ed Wallace-Dental Technician


We are a small dental lab in Rome, Georgia.   We have been offering services to dentists in the southeast for many years and we would like to extend our services to you.


We offer various products to meet your patients’ needs including PFM, Zirconia, Gold Crowns, Veneers, Implants, Custom Abutments and more.   I personally design and finish each case that is sent to us so I am able to guarantee quality results for you and your patients.  

We use a 3Shape Scanner for our Zirconia Crowns and have an association with a top notch milling center.  We are TRIOS-READY and able to accept 3-Shape digital scans!

Linda Wallace-Office Manager


I take pride in managing the office of Innovative Dental Lab.  I do all the preliminary scanning for our 3-Shape digital designs.  


I will make sure you have enough shipping labels, Rx Slips and boxes if you are a client that is using our shipping program.  If you are local, you will probably see me coming in the door to pick up and deliver cases.

 I'm responsible for getting your cases to you on time, billing and anything else that needs to be taken care of in the office.  If you have a problem, please call me! 

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